Did you know?
What does it take to get the cleanest, freshest, best tasting water from our bottling plant to your dinner table? Filling of course starts with the bottles, they come formed from our bottle making plant, but that doesn't mean they are ready to be filled.

Welcome to Ice Down
Ice Down Beverages Inc. provides water that is unique, refreshing and meets the health needs and concerns of everybody looking to quench their thirst.

We are committed to ensuring that our exciting water meets only the highest level of quality for our most valued customers.

What Others Say
"O2 Aqua is indeed the best refreshing water I have ever drank and it is refreshing to the last drop. I miss it so much"
Neseta P., New York, USA

"On behalf of me...and my obsession for your product, I just wanna say I can't get enough. I'm not trying to exergerate, but your product has changed my life...Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. Much love"
Charles N., Alberta, Canada

ZONED Comic Book Contest

Enter the ZONED Comic Contest. Give us your idea on ways to prevent/stop bullying. The winning pitch gets their comic drawn by Marvel Entertainment for release in Nov. 2014. Individuals, groups, classrooms and organizations worldwide are welcome to enter. Entry deadline is April 15, 2014 and must acknowledge acceptance of full contest rules here:

Contest is now closed.

Our Products
Ice down views producing clean and crisp water as the first step to making the most out of everyday life. With our special purification process, O2 Aqua creates the purest, the most crisp and the best tasting water for you and your family. After the purification process we add pure oxygen. This enhances the purity of our water and gives it that clean, light and unsurpassed taste.

Where to Find O2 Aqua
O2 Aqua can be found in stores across the globe. In Canada, O2 Aqua can be found in almost all major grocery stores.
O2 Aqua is currently distributed in Canada, United States, Japan, Cambodia and the Caribbean. More countries will be added to the list very soon.